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Kuranda Koala Gardens have a new cute attraction.

Baby Quokka Fizz with his family photo supplied.

Kuranda Koala Gardens have a new cute and photogenic attraction.

Baby Fizz is a baby Quokka, who is now on display the Kuranda Koala Gardens.

Fizz was born about 8 months, with the Fizz’s mum, Berocca, being the last Quokka born at the gardens in 2017.

Quokkas are only found on some of the smaller islands off the West Australian coast, particularly Rottnest Island, just off Perth, and also Bald Island near Albany.

According to animal keeper Shai Ager, having a baby born in captivity is important as Quokkas are listed as a vulnerable species.

“Having a backup breeding population is important as Quokkas are only found in a few spots in Western Australia and if a bushfire or an invasive predator were introduced it would have damaging effects on the Quokka population”

In 2017 they were voted the world’s happiest animal due to their permanent cheeky grin and purportedly a love of selfies with humans.


Photo supplied by Kuranda Koala Gardens.

So where does the name Fizz come from? Wildlife Manager of Kuranda Koala Gardens and Birdworld Kuranda Meg says “We thought it would be cute as his mum’s name is Berocca, and Berocca is a fizzy drink”

The Kuranda Koala Gardens have had Quokkas since 2016 and Fizz is on display in the mixed Quokka/Koala enclosure, where “he is on public display usually sitting with his mum.”

Fizz and his Mum. Photo supplied by Kuranda Koala Gardens.

Kuranda Koala Gardens are open from 9am daily.








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