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Loaded with toilet paper two little girls visit local pensioners.

Mareeba girls Addyson Blain 6 and Lucy Coleman 4 making a difference.

With toilet paper shortages affecting supermarkets around the country, two little girls thought they would try and make a difference to the situation.

After overhearing that some people were missing out on toilet paper, 6-year-old Addyson Blain took it upon herself to giveaway toilet paper that she bought with her own pocket money to the less fortunate and less mobile people in Mareeba.

Addyson’s mum Petrina said the idea came from her daughter “We were out shopping and she had heard us talking about the toilet paper shortage and she asked what were people going to do who genuinely needed it?

“So she found some at the supermarket and asked if she could buy it to hand out”


Mareeba girls Addyson Blain 6 and Lucy Coleman 4 handing out toilet paper

Petrina said that Addyson used her tooth fairy money to buy the paper and the next day she was joined by her 4-year-old friend Lucy Coleman “They put the toilet paper in a cart and took it to the pensioner’s cottages in Mason Street, to hand out”

Petrina and Lena, Addyson and Lucy’s respective parents, supervised the whole time and said the pensioners loved the surprise from the local girls “Some of the pensioners were tickled pink just to have some thoughtful visitors. One gentleman did take a few rolls for his sick friend who hadn’t been able to leave the house”

Both mums are very proud of their little girls and have been overwhelmed with the response since posting the photo on social media “We posted the photo as there has been so much negativity in Mareeba at the moment and we thought Mareeba needed something positive”

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