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Local boost to Coles Mareeba team

EMPLOYMENT BOOST: Coles Mareeba recently employed 27 new team members after a recruitment drive to help in the stores smooth running

COLES Mareeba recently hired 27 new local staff to help with the smooth running of the supermarket during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The four week long recruitment drive saw 27 locals employed by Coles Mareeba to help with stocking shelves, attending registers, night stocking and other responsibilities.

The increase in the number and intensity of customers coming into Coles saw the need for new crew members to be hired and trained to assist in the smooth running of the supermarket giant.

Mareeba Coles Store Manager Andrew Mcintosh is excited to see more staff in Coles  to keep the supermarket running and providing to everyone’s needs.

“In every department new team members have been introduced to the business,” he said.

“It’s still a challenging time  but the more hands we can get the quicker stock is going to get to the shelves.

“It’s good for the community for us to try and recover as quickly as possible.”

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