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Mareeba’s first Floriade

Mareeba Garden Centre owner Joy Paterson brought Mareeba their first Floriade last weekend to help celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The Mareeba Garden Centre celebrated their 30th anniversary last Tuesday and hosted their first Floriade over last weekend.

A Floriade is a flower and entertainment festival held in Canberra every year and showcases a huge variety of flowers for visitors to view.

This year saw the Mareeba Garden Centre’s first ever Floriade which will now become a more regular event according to owner Joy Paterson.

“It is something we can do to cheer the people up who are stuck at home,” she said.

“I personally believe that there is something in the soil that makes you feel good.

“We had over 200 people here on Friday, we always had someone at the register.”

Looking back on their 30th anniversary Joy recounts when she purchased the business for just 100 dollars in 1990.

“This was an old tobacco farm that grew tomatoes and capsicums beside the tobacco,” she said.

“That’s where it really started and it just grew and grew.

“It’s like a dream to me and I used to go to all these big garden centers and wonder if I could ever get that many people.”

The Mareeba Garden Centre has seen a huge uptick in business with nearly triple their normal numbers regularly.

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