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Pensioners given preference at local butcher

Cross Custom Meats owner Douglas Cross has decided to give the most vulnerable to COVID-19 prefence at his butchery

Local Atherton business Cross Custom Meats has recently decided to better help and support the most at risk during the national COVID-19 crisis; the elderly.

Elderly customers will now get priority when being served at Cross Custom Meats as well as elderly and disabled customers being gifted a 1kg bag of mince with their purchases, they must show a valid pensioner or disability card.

This decision came from the current crisis and the overwhelming amount of people unnecessarily panic buying, leaving our most vulnerable residents with scraps at the supermarkets.

Cross Custom Meats Owner Douglas Cross made this decision to better assist those who have trouble procuring produce during this pandemic.

“We are doing this to help keep them safe and get them in and out as quickly as possible,” he said.

“I’m just a local butcher trying to help out my local community as best I can.

“People on the tablelands have a good mindset and see that what we are doing is what’s best for the community.”

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