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Political Parties start recruitment drives.

NQ First leader Jason Costigan announcing former Wujal Wujal Mayor Desmond Tayley as his nominee for the seat of Cook.

Political Parties start recruitment drives.

With less than five months until the next state election, most political parties are now on the lookout for possible nominees for Tablelands seats.

Last month NQ First leader Jason Costigan fired the first shots in the 2020 state election by announcing former Wujal Wujal Mayor Desmond Tayley as his nominee for the seat of Cook.

At the time Mr Costigan said, “Desmond Tayley proudly served almost 20 years in local government and continues to have the respect of people throughout the Far North, regardless of where they live and the colour of their skin,” said Mr Costigan

“I’ve come to know, respect and admire Desmond Tayley over the years like so many other people.”

It’s also believed that the Katter Australia Party (KAP) are currently interviewing interested residents to run in Cook.

Michael Bunce Administration Officer for KAP said people who were interested in running, should contact KAP head office on (07) 4401 5037 or visit the website  www.kap.org.au/become-a-candidate  “The ideal candidates for us would be committed to KAP’s core values and principles and be passionate about creating change.” He said

“Past candidates have come from all walks of life – we’ve had teachers, marine biologists, tourism operators, business owners and farmers run for us in past elections. This means that our candidates are real people from the community with real knowledge of and experience with the issues affecting the state. These are the types of people we are always looking for.”

The Express approached One Nation and they declined to comment but published on their Facebook page in April. “Help One Nation push back against Labor’s raft of dud policies, including their anti-coal stance, anti-infrastructure, pro late-term abortion, soft sentencing on criminals and harmful vegetation management laws that are killing Queensland farmers.”


The LNP confirmed that they are currently recruiting and in a written statement an LNP spokesperson said: “Nominations for the Cook electorate are open. The LNP is a grassroots party and our local members will all have a say in choosing our candidate. The LNP will put forward an outstanding candidate to represent the people of Cook. The successful candidate will be announced at the end of the pre-selection process.” https://www.lnp.org.au/join/

The Greens were approached for comment.


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