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Positive step in fight against noxious weed Navua Sedge

MEMBER for Hill Shane Knuth MP is pleased the fight against noxious weed Navua Sedge is starting to gain traction with further funding going toward research to identify the best pathogen to fight the weed.

Navua Sedge has now spread as far south as the NSW border and is taking over farmland paddocks inhibiting grass growth, affecting feed for livestock, native animals and also spreading along waterways and National Parks.

Biosecurity (BQ) principal entomologist Dr Kunjithapatham Dhileepan had been working with researchers from the National Herbarium of Tanzania, Kenya’s East African Herbarium and the University of Southern Queensland to identify pathogens that could provide biological control of Navua Sedge.

$250,000 in funding has already been secured through a previous campaign involving Mr Knuth, the Malanda Beef Plan Group and local councillors which helped secure funds for control measures lead by Dr Dhileepan.

State Agricultural Minister Furner said the discoveries had allowed the DAF to successfully apply for federal government funding.

Mr Knuth said it’s a positive step toward gaining control of the weed.

“We welcome this – it has been a long process working with Malanda Beef Group and the Minister’s office, further funding toward Dr Dileepan’s research is promising,” Mr Knuth said.

“This is spreading throughout the state and becoming unstoppable with traditional methods.

“Many councils across Queensland are now taking up the fight.

“We still have a way to go, but we are starting to make inroads,” Mr Knuth said.

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