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Private dentists back to work

Co-owners Rani and Peter Blake with co-owner Samuel Nastasi are excited to be able to get back to a sense of semi normalcy with some restrictions lifted on dentists

Private dental practitioners have had their level three restrictions lifted and have gone back down to level two, allowing them  much more freedom in what they can and can’t do.

The level three restrictions were enforced on March 26 and saw dentists only being allowed to do emergency procedures that required immediate attention.

Now after the restrictions being lifted and returned to level two, business is semi-normal for My Mareeba Dentist who was badly struck by the restrictions.

80 percent of their business was taken away and they were forced to shut their doors, but now they have opened their doors and are starting to work again.

Principal owners and couple Peter and Rani Blake are excited to be back in the office and working again.

“We can do any routine dental treatment minus surgical extractions and check-up dental cleanings,” Peter said.

“We can do check-ups but we can’t do any cleaning.

“It’s very encouraging to be able to get back to work.”

Although routine cleaning is still off the table; fillings, routine extractions, root canal therapy and other procedures can still be done along with check-ups which dentist Rani encourages.

“It’s a good idea to still have check-ups because we can find holes that need restoring,” she said.

“We can’t do any normal cleaning because of the water droplets in the air, which could transmit a virus.

“We are still observing social distancing and maintain a high standard of infection control.”

Clients are still being screened over the phone and social distancing measures are in effect within My Mareeba Dentist.

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