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QPS Commissioner visits the Tablelands

QPS Commissioner Katarina Carroll visited the Tablelands recently to discuss with officers her plans to help combat crime throughout the state and in this region specifically.

QUEENSLAND Police Service (QPS) Commissioner Katarina Carroll was on the Tablelands recently to speak with officers on what her plans are moving forward for the state and the region and how it will help effectively combat crime.

Commissioner Carroll outlined a few key areas which she feels are having the greatest negative impact on Queenslanders, with domestic violence, mental health, youth justice and drug use of greatest concern.

“Domestic violence has been a real problem, with cases becoming more frequent in recent years,” she said.

“And with the delays that can be experienced with officers attending incidents, the use of body cameras to interview victims rather than written statements could prove far more effective in court proceedings.

“It cuts down red tape and I am confident it will be of enormous benefit to both the victims and QPS.”

As it relates to mental health, youth justice and drug use, the interconnection of those societal problems are ones Commissioner Carroll aims to address immediately.

“Of the kids in care, in 40 per cent of cases their parents are on ice,” she said.

“So in my role it’s not solely about crime prevention, it’s also about working with the necessary agencies to ensure we address mental health and treat it with the seriousness it deserves.”

Being from Mareeba originally herself, she knows firsthand the problems specific to this region; however she noted that Inspector Russell Rhodes and the Tablelands Patrol Group are doing a fantastic job keeping the community safe.

“Russell and the officers here on the Tablelands have a great system in place here, so I want to take this opportunity to thank them and I’m confident they’ll continue to keep up the good work,” she said.

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