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Skybury supporting Australian businesses

Skybury General Manager Candy MacLaughlin is excited to be able to support another Australian business through their locally grown Papaya.

Skybury Farms has recently put their support behind Australian business G & M Cosmetics, supplying them with ingredients for their Papaya based products.

G & M Cosmetics is an Australian owned and operated company in New South Wales that provides Australian sourced and made skincare products to domestic and international markets.

They provide products that contain native Australian ingredients and now thanks to Skybury, their P’ure Papayacare range of products now also contains Australian sourced ingredients.

Skybury is also involved in Bondi Beach Tea as they sell several kinds of Papaya infused teas that boast fantastic health properties.

Skybury mainly focuses on Papaya seed oils as it has great fatty acids within the fruit, so Skybury’s main research is aiming to see what benefits this oil has and what Australian companies may also benefit from it.

Skybury General Manager Candy MacLaughlin is pleased to be able to put her ingredients and support behind another Australian business.

“It feels great to be able to put our hand behind another Australian businesses and it creates a flow on effect that benefits the entire community,” she said.

“There is huge potential for this kind of product not only on the domestic market but also overseas.

“Everyone loves Aussie products, it’s credible, it’s got value and people love when it says made in Australia.”

Mrs MacLaughlin hopes to introduce Skyburys own range of Papaya based skincare and healthproducts once the idea gains more traction.

Within just two weeks of stocking the product, Skybury has nearly sold out of their first delivery of Papaya based skin care products with three more shipments on the way.

Mrs MacLaughlin is always looking for ways to help Australian businesses and is open to support or supply any interested businesses with their Papaya products and many more.

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