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Tablelands best mechanic announced

Fraser Automotive and Diagnostics Repairs were voted the 'Best Mechanic' on the Tablelands by our readers

To celebrate our tenth year of providing free and independent news, The Express been searching for the best of the Tablelands and for the past week we tasked readers with telling us who the “Best Mechanic” is on the Tablelands

Fraser Automotive & Diagnostic Repairs were awarded the “Best Mechanic” on the Tablelands award.

Fraser Automotive & Diagnostic Repairs founder and owner Darryl Fraser was humbled by receiving the award.

“It’s very humbling, we’ve only been in business for seven years so it really means a lot,” Darryl said.

“We rely on word of mouth a lot for business and well it’s nice to see so many people talking about us.”

Darryl believes that having a personal touch with the vehicle and its owner can help ease the customer’s worries.

“If the customer knows the mechanic who is actually working on his car, it puts them at ease,” Darryl said.

“We don’t sugar coat things either, we let the customer know what’s going on with their vehicle and if we can really save it or not.”

Darryl expresses his thanks to all his loyal customers who continue to return time and time again.

This week we are looking for the best ‘Pizza’ on the Tablelands.

Where do you go when your looking for a cheesy slice of pizza?

Vote now on our Facebook page or on 4092 3464 or email us at editorial@theexpressnewspaper.com.au

Winners will be announced Monday March 16.

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