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Teacher’s aides rewarded with BBQ

Mareeba State High School Principal rewarded his teacher’s aides with a BBQ after their monumental efforts with resource packages for home-schooled students last Monday.

Teacher’s aides at Mareeba State High School have been working overtime due to new home schooling procedures and have been rewarded with a BBQ last Monday, April 27, courtesy of principal; Scott Whybird.

Students have started working from home and both teachers and teacher’s aides alike have been doing all they can to prepare their students for this new way of learning.

Administering hard copy packages for parents to pick up which contain the resources and materials necessary for their child to continue their learning effectively, are just one of the jobs that teacher’s aides have been entrusted with.

550 hard copies of resources have been put out along with the individual work for art projects and other such subjects.

Mareeba State High School Principal Scott Whybird decided to throw his teacher’s aides this BBQ after seeing the tremendous amount of work they have been doing.

“We’ve been going through such a tough time as a community and the teacher’s aides have been working overtime trying to get the hard copies of resources out for the students,” he said.

“I just wanted to acknowledge the great work they have done for the school.

“The teamwork and initiative they have shown during this time has been outstanding.”

Mr Whybird is incredibly grateful for the “amazing staff” at his school which have knuckled down and done everything they could to help their students.

“I’ve had such great staff that haven’t complained about anything and just got really stuck in and have done a great deal of work,” he said.

“The teachers themselves have done a wonderful job too with the start of online learning.

“It’s been a great learning experience for us in a really tough time.”

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