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Vegetable seedling sales increase across Queensland

Mareeba Garden Centre has seen a huge increase in vegetable seedling sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pictured: Mareeba Garden Centre workers Kathryn Murray and Marae Weitant

The Mareeba Garden Centre has seen a huge increase in sales especially vegetable plants as residents are looking for something productive to pass the time in isolation.

The garden centre sells products from all ranges and types, from seedlings to full trees, and all the associated products.

According to Joy Paterson, owner of the Mareeba Garden Center, vegetable plant sales have tripled in the past month.

“People are buying these sorts of products because they can’t leave their homes and are looking for something to do while stuck at home,” she said.

“People are now looking for a cleaner way to live by growing their own produce.

“It’s a good chance for children to learn how to grow their own food in their own gardens.”

Flourish Plants, which supplies companies like the Mareeba Garden Centre from Rockhampton all the way to the Torres Strait and have seen a huge increase in demand for vegetable seedlings.

Elaine Duncan Director of Flourish Plants and President for the Nursery Garden Industry Queensland has not only seen an increase in sales locally, but across Queensland.

“Across the entire industry there has been a huge increase of sales for not only vegetable seedlings, but other products as well,” she said.

“It’s about getting back to basic, fully clean living and that is great to see.”

Across the Nursery Garden industry there has been an increase of sales for vegetable seedlings from 50 to 60 percent.

Mrs Duncan is glad to see people now taking charge in their gardens and starting to grow their own produce, which she believes will influence the next generation.

“Our kids are the future and what they learn now in their own gardens they will pass down and influence the future,” She said.

Vegetable seedlings are not the only things that will be flying off the shelves as Mother’s Day fast approaches, and people are looking for a way to express their love and gratitude.

Mareeba Garden Centre is preparing a plethora of plants, flowers and other garden accessories which could make a perfect gift and have plenty in stock.

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