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Virtual bra fittings from local business 

Raylene Shroj has had to adapt her business during the COVID-19 pandemic and is currently offering virtual bra fittings for her clients

Virtual bra fittings from local business 

A plethora of local business have had to adjust and rework a lot of their services to try and survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, including local lingerie fitter and supplier; Raylene Srhoj.

Raylene owns and operates a local lingerie service called Rays Style Boutique out of her home in Mareeba and in recent months has had to adapt to doing online fitting services for her clients.

Clients call up and have a video conference with her as they discuss fittings sizes and bra styles to get the perfect match.

Raylene has seen a decline in business as have many other small business owners but she is hopeful and continues to provide service to her customers.

“My business isn’t where it would normally be,” she said.

“I normally do six times what I am currently doing now.”

Although her business has dropped, Raylene has seen an increase in women buying normal, comfort over style bras.

“About 80 percent of my clients are looking for normal bras,” she said.

Raylene has also seen a major increase in the purchasing of ‘Capsule Clothing’ that is easy to maintain and also looks quite professional.

People are now in isolation and are having meeting online for their jobs and don’t want to look tacky, the capsule clothing gives women a chance to still dress appropriate without sacrificing comfort for style.

“They can wear the clothing without having to iron it,” Raylene said.

“It’s a work from home wardrobe that is easy to maintain.”




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