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Wrights Creek Road Bridge to be closed

Wrights Creek Road bridge which will close June 15.

Wrights Creek Road Bridge

The Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) have voted to temporarily close Wrights Creek Road Bridge at Lake Eacham on June 15.

According to TRC Councillor David Clifton “The Wrights Creek Road Bridge has been reassessed and the report indicates it has continued to deteriorate. The bridge is no longer capable of supporting vehicles and will be temporarily closed in late June.  It will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists (maximum of twenty) at one time”.

At the meeting, the council decided that the resolution from the meeting in June 2017 to decommission the bridge was rescinded and options for the reopening of the bridge will be investigated in accordance with the council’s Transport Strategy and budget deliberations.

Cr Clifton said, “The long-term future of the bridge will be considered as part of budget deliberations.”


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