Speedway Madness on Halloween

MAREEBA Speedway will once again come alive with the sounds of Saturday night racing with their Halloween Sprint Car Spooktacular and Super Street Sedan Title on this weekend, October 31.

Returning for some adrenaline pumping fun is Dean Dalgeish from Townsville who will be looking to keep his Super Street Sedan Title and become a two time champion.

Even though Dean hails from Townsville the amount of time he has spent at the speedway and the meets he has attended he has been dubbed a local by the local racers.

Dean will be racing in his VL commodore which is currently in the best condition it’s ever been in.

“Everybody said I fluked it so I’m here this year to prove them wrong,” he said.

“The car has never been this good it’s 100 percent this year.

“I’m racing this year and trying to win for my dad and my newborn.”

The Mareeba Speedway is one of Dean’s favourite speedways to race at and he barely misses any meetings.

“In the past seven years I’ve only missed about eight meetings at Mareeba,” he said.

“It’s going to be worth watching there are some new drivers but there are also some returning drivers who have been involved since the 80’s.

“We don’t get tow money or prize money so we do it because we love the class and the people there.”

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